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Relay for Life Luminaies

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Luminary order forms are available in the church office. Turn in forms with payment to the office by Monday, April 29th. This will assure your loved ones are recognized in the Beacon. Any other luminaries will be accepted until May 15th. Cost is $10 each. Continue


Tribute to the Bible

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Rev. Mary's class "Tribute to the Bible" will begin a study on the Apostle of Paul. All are welcome to join them for Sunday School at 10 am. Continue


Flower Sale to Support our Camp Fund

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We are trying a new way to buy flowers this year. The Garden Patch Greenhouse is sponsoring our Spring Flower Fundraiser. We will be selling coupons and certificates for flowers during the Sunday School hour prior to the worship service on April 21st, April 28th and May 5th. ... Continue


The Sundays in April 2013

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April 7th is United Methodist Women (UMW) Sunday. The ladies will be leading us in worship. Trish Rankin, President of the Three Rivers UMW, will be our guest speaker. Mrs. Rankin is a member of Gay Street UMC in Mt. Vernon. When we retire we realize that we ... Continue


The Sundays in March 2013

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This month we continue our journey through Lent. We live life fast. Instant this. Superfast that. Consequently, we aren’t too fond of anything slow. But some things are better when we wait. What might they be? On March 3rd the message will be “The Lesson ... Continue


The Sundays in February 2013

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Let me ask you a question. If I asked you to write on a 3 x 5 index card the one thing you would like Jesus to do for you, what would it be? Tantalizing isn’t it. Let’s explore “What Do You Want From Jesus?” on the ... Continue


Pastor’s Point for January 2013

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Grace Church Family, God’s blessing on you in the New Year! With a new year comes new opportunities. One of those opportunities is for us to work together for the life and mission of Grace Church. I want to challenge you to three specific practices in 2013. Practice 1: ... Continue


The Sundays in November 2012

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Money. It stirs a lot of emotion in us. We really don’t like to talk about it. And we don’t want the preacher talking about it either. Yet we know that money is important. So did Jesus. He talked a lot about money. What about giving and the church? Is ... Continue


Family Ministry Program for All

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All are welcome to this Wednesday evening ministry program for all ages at Grace United Methodist Church. We begin the evening with a meal at 5:30 followed by Bible study for all ages. The children and the youth will have crafts, drama and creative music activities. A variety of classes ... Continue


The Sundays in October 2012

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Sharp objects are helpful when making a cut or shaping something. Think of a surgeon during surgery, Dan Moody doing a woodcarving or carving a pumpkin. God's Word, the Holy Scripture, is like a sharp object shaping our lives. On October 7th, the message will be "Surgical Scriptures." It will ... Continue

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