Prayer Shawl Ministry Report for February 2016

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Our Pastor Peachey and the Tuesday morning Prayer group are now blessing the prayer shawls. Thank you for helping this ministry. This ministry has been active for 12 years and has delivered nearly 400 shawls. We have received many beautiful thank you notes so perhaps you might like to read a few of them. These notes remind us all to lean on Him and his awesome power during difficult times in our lives.

“Thank you for the beautiful prayer shawl. It warms me—heart, soul and body. I felt covered with God’s love. Such a wonderful gift from such kind folks.”

“When I wrap up in the shawl for an afternoon nap, I feel the warmth and love that was put into it by the dear person who made it and the ones who prayed over it. It’s a wonderful reminder of the loving arms of Jesus and the loving, caring friends at Grace Church. I am blessed.”

“I thank you so much for the lovely shawl. It has put me to sleep and surrounded me with a beautiful heavenly warmth.”

“My entire family thanks you for remembering my father with a shawl when he was ill. We had Dad buried with his shawl. It seemed so natural to see him with it. They covered his legs and folded his hands across it. Again, many thanks.”

“Every time I wrap myself in the shawl, I think of your words, Nita, ‘these are God’s arms wrapped around you.’ Carol Pierce has told me of the prayers offered for me nightly. Thank you.”

This note talks of ‘the spirit of your work is loving, gentle and uplifting.’ They enclosed $50 with the note to be used to make shawls for others.

If you see any of these ladies, please thank them for the work they do for this ministry: Kim Jamison, Mary Bache, Ruth Henderson, Sue Havelka, Marlene Ziegler, Pam Chaney, Betty Marble, Jean Baker, Brady Tilton, Ruth Ann Cunningham and Louel Williams. Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

There is yarn donated for Prayer Shawl use or any other knitting projects. This yarn will be in the quilting room, see Nelva to get into room.

God Bless,
Nita Near