The Seekers’ Class Report for February 2016

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Some years ago, a person I know very well and one who was brought up in this church told me something I didn’t understand. He said, “I love the Methodist Church, however, they don’t take that last and most important step.” He is now a very active member in a non-denominational mega church. I didn’t understand what he meant then, but I do now!

The Seekers’ Sunday School Class’s new study is “Get Their Name, Grow Your Church by Building New Relationships” by Bob Farr, Doug Anderson and Kay Kotan. This study, as most do, has led me to another book called “Conspiracy of Kindness” by Steve Sjogren. Steve is the founding pastor of the mow-mega church, Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. He coaches planters and encourages pastors toward developing outward-focused ministry.

After reading only parts of these books, I’ve had an “AHA Moment”. Our class has been doing mission work for 10 years—but never have we explained why, to the people we have helped. I guess we assumed they knew. We didn’t take that last important step and explain that we did this to “Show God’s Love in a practical way!” And we didn’t invite them to come to Grace Church! Now I see what my former Grace Church friend was trying to tell me!

This study points out that the “Hands-off style” of evangelism we have been practicing has caused us to become passive. The primary focus for most of our efforts is on recovering inactive members, when it should be to connect with persons who have never been involved in church at all!

Now I don’t know about you, but the thought of speaking to strangers about my faith has always been scary to me! But, this study shows how to invite people to come and talk to you. It starts by us doing FREE ACTS of KINDNESS for people you don’t know. Then when they ask, “Why are you doing this?” Tell them you are trying to show them ‘God’s Love in a Practical Way’. Some will want to know more. Be ready with your “Faith Story” when they ask. And, invite them to church! It’s as easy as that!

We can’t afford to be “Passive” in our evangelistic efforts anymore! Jesus said, to “Go and make disciples of all nations”. (Matthew 20: 18-20) That means here too! In our city, in our state, in our nation. We can’t passively wait for them to come to us. We need to go where they are! What an exciting revelation we are having in the Seekers’ Class! Come and join us every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. We look forward to seeing you!!

Connie Carlfeldt, Leader