Keith’s Korner for April 2016

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What part of the train would you like to be?

A group of Christians was once asked, “If your life as a Christian was to be described as a part of a train, what part would you want to be?”

One person wanted to be the whistle to let people know the Gospel Train was coming, another one wanted to be the bell and warn folks of the danger without Christ. A third wanted to be a coupler and join the churches together; a fourth wanted to be the cowcatcher and save people who were in peril and another wanted to be the brakeman to slow things down if they got going too fast.

After a while one of them stood and tried to speak, but due to the deep emotion he was feeling could not speak for awhile. Then, with a husky voice said, “I would like to be the coal thrown into the furnace and to burn for the glory of God.” and sat down.

Everyone there knew that the most beautiful and powerful speech of the day had just been made in that simple sentence.

What about us? What about you?

What is your seasoned response to the cross, to Easter, to Jesus? Does Jesus still stir your heart? What do you feel when you think about the cross? Does it make your eyes fill with tears and your heart pound to know that Jesus Christ gave Himself for you and me?

As the Easter rush comes on us again let’s take time to remember that there’s more to Easter than just the colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, Spring Break and that white is back in season again.

I can recall an Easter Egg Hunt at a church with a large cross on the steeple. On the yard below the cross was a gang of kids and adults with bags and baskets running around grabbing up colored plastic eggs. Everyone was looking down and around not even aware of the cross above them.

What a picture that could easily be of the lives entrusted to us – busy with the world and ignoring the Savior, Lord and Source of it all.

Let’s remember and lovingly share that Jesus hung on the cross, died and rose again for more than to just give us the excuse to eat extra chocolate and color eggs this Easter season. Jesus suffered and rose again to win us an eternal victory over sin, death and separation from the Father with more than our spring breaks and new clothes in mind – He had our eternity on His heart and mind.

Easter is the most powerful and inspiring sacrifice and victory there ever was or will be and it was made by Jesus Christ Himself for you!

Have you accepted what He’s done and won for you? Have you accepted Him as your personal Savior and Lord and are you living according to who you are in Him? Where is God encouraging you to allow Him to bring His victory to bear on your struggles?

What part of the train is God calling you to be this Easter and beyond?

Pastor Keith