Grace Quilters Give Thanks to Grace Church

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WHO are we? We are 25 women from all walks of life who come together to support each other through tears (illnesses, death, loneliness, depression, etc.), joy for new grandchildren, a struggling school child who has just made the honor roll! We have become like a family to each other!

We are a group of quilters, crafters, sewers. We are making beautiful warm quilts for our families, veterans, cancer and dialysis patients and costumes for church dramas.

Thanks to Grace Church for letting us use the large tables in the warm, safe building where we can meet and work.

Thanks to the property team for replacing the worn carpet in the banner room. It was previously used n a home approximately 40 years ago and was a tripping hazard.

Many thanks to the women’s society for the new chairs!! Our old ones were worn out and beyond repair and others were not shaped for sitting at a sewing machine.

Thanks to good friends like Betty Good and Bev Domer who gave us sewing machines and others who gave us beautiful fabric. Some of our members have machines in cabinets that cannot be moved and we have tight budgets.

Mrs. Helen Moody