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Three Rivers volunteers, 1day 2gether! Reach out in love; Rebuild homes and lives; Restore Hope through relationships. These one-day “mission” projects will take place right here in our community. The Mission Team will do minor repairs for homeowners in our Three Rivers District who cannot afford them. If you would like to volunteer the cost is $15/person which covers the liability insurance. Download a volunteer application on the District website, www.eocume.com/three rivers.

Also, the 2nd Apostle Build is underway! The site is located at 311 North 15th Street, Coshocton, behind Papa John’s (the former Home Candy site). This very rewarding community venture will be under the site direction of John Hill. Questions can be directed to John Hill or Rev. Terrie Baker at 740-294-8198. The Apostle Build will have it’s “wall building” day on June 4.  All ages (18 and older), genders, and levels of experience are welcome to make this day a huge success.   Please brings safety goggles, gloves, bottled water.  No open-toed shoes.  Knee length shorts are acceptable.  You may bring a hammer if you want but all other tools will be provided.